Presidential 2018 message

                                                                                                   16th December 2018


Dear Honourable Colleagues,


                                              Subject  : Presidential 2018 message


It is unimaginable to think another year is about to end . This year generally has been a very difficult one both for South Africa and the SAIEH.

The SAIEH faced many challenges this year, but I must say as your President I am proud that we were able to deal with these challenges.

It was great to see that many of our recommendations and suggestions being implemented both by Government and our partners.

We still remain the only body fighting for our members to uphold our noble profession.

We have made representions at Workshops, Seminiars and Conferences regarding Environmental Health and its importance to the health of our Communities.


Our partnership with SALGA is growing stronger and stronger everyday and our joint working is definitely adding tremendous value to Environmental Health for our Country.

This can be seen from the improvements that are happening in Environment Health in Municipalities in the Provinces.

We have been invited by the Provincial Offices of SALGA to do presentations in those Provinces, this being a great joint effort by SALGA.


Our partnership with the Swiss Embassy in South Africa is a very valuable one for Environmental Health in South Africa. We have already run two projects with the Swiss Embassy in South Africa viz;

·         The hosting of the Fleur de Passion, a scientific ship which is measuring Air Pollution, Waste especially plastics and Noise at sea. We hosted this ship at the Durban Harbour, ran a 2 day Workshop on Air Pollution, Climate Change and the scientific work that is going on the ship. The Mayor of Durban hosted the crew of the ship, EHPs who attended the Workshop and scholars from the local schools to a Banquet in the evening. We had a total of 183 EHPs who attended the workshop.

·         The Swiss Embassy in joint partnership with the SAIEH hosted the 21st National Conference in Cape Town in November 2018. They contributed financially to host this Conference.

·         The joint Chairs for Environmental Health Research both from South Africa and Switzerland attended the Conference and presented papers on some of the work being done by them. The SAIEH now must build a firm partnership with the Research Chair in South Africa so that we can undertake research throughout the Country.


The 21st National Environmental Health Conference of the SAIEH was held in Cape Town at the Cape Town Civic Centre on the 16 – 19 November 2018.

We hosted the Conference in partnership with the Swiss Embassy of South Africa, the National Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Services, City of Cape Town, the Veterinary Public Health Officers Association(VPHOA) and the South African Local Government Association( SALGA).

The Conference was a tremendous success even though it was held over the weekend.

All the Conference Papers are loaded on the website and all of you are invited to view same as there is some valuable information in these presentations.

The Resolutions are finalized and will also be loaded onto our website. We encourage all of you to please present reports to your Councils so that our politicians can get this information first hand from you .


This year has been a very tiring one especially for the President and the workload became a bit too much at times.

I am appealing to all National Councillors to roll up your sleeves get involved and make things happen for our beloved SAIEH. We can only grow if all of us get involved and make the extra effort to get the job done. The SAIEH needs a strong and committed team going forward as we will be facing more challenges in the years to come.

Please remember everyone is relying on the SAIEH to deal with the challenges facing our profession and nobody or no other organization are prepared to take up our fights to make Environmental Health a profession that all of us can be proud off.

Everyboby now needs the SAIEH more than before to take on the issues that are current and in the future.




In the New Year we must start preparing ourselves to tackle the following issues :


·         The implemention of the new National Public Health Institute of South Africa Bill.

·         Community Service Backlogs for EHPs.

·         Community Projects jointly with our partners

·         Funding of SAIEH :

   + Tenders

   +  Training programmes (CPDs)

   +  Project funding

·         Involvement with the Research Environmental Health Chair- future research projects.

·         The next Africa Congress????????


Colleagues and all our members , the SAIEH management wishes everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous , hard working New Year and may the Almighty God shower his richest blessings upon you and your families.

Colleagues for those of you that are travelling, please go safely and ensure to take care on our roads and drive carefully, Please do not drink and drive.


See all of you in the New Year.


Kind Regards,

Dr. Selva Mudaly

President – SAIEH