Greetings from the President of the South African Institute of Environmental Health.  It gives me great pleasure, esteemed colleagues, to welcome all of you to our website.

We have gone to great lengths to improve our website and make it more relevant. I must congratulate the team that made this possible, as I realize that a lot of hard work was undertaken to ensure that the website meets the expectations of our visitors to this site.  There has been a renaissance in Environmental Health both in South Africa and internationally, which is based on new evidence of the inextricable link between people and the environment. Therefore colleagues, it becomes critical to ensure that we, Environmental Health Practitioners are well equipped and able to meet these new challenges facing our noble profession.

South Africa is regarded as a water stressed country, together with the devastation of HIV & AIDS, the high incidences of TB, poverty and the serious effects of Climate Change, thus putting Environmental Health at the forefront of preventative health care.

South Africa has the best Constitution, with the Bill of Rights and the most progressive set of Environmental Legislation, collectively we lack the energy and will to bring transgressors to book. There is a serious need for strong leadership and sound management in Environmental Health, so that we can stake our claim as one of the leading professions in the Health field.

Everybody currently are focusing their attention and efforts on Environmental Health matters in South Africa and Internationally, we now have the opportunity to put up our hands and claim our rightful place as the true custodians of Environmental Health in the country.

My personal call to all Environmental Health Practitioners, to unite as a Profession, act collectively and ensure that we uphold our noble profession at all times.

There is wisdom that we can complain, blame one another, criticize one another, but at the end of all of this, we must also provide the solution to make an impact on Environmental Health so that our people benefit and service delivery is implemented at all times.

Finally Colleagues, let me encourage all of you to make use of our website and we value your contributions and comments, including sending the Webmaster, articles and happenings and highlight your success stories so that other fellow Environmental Health Practitioners can learn from these best practices.

Kind Regards,
Selva Mudaly
(President SAIEH)